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 Pixel as official greeter at Nature Exposure booth
                                                            Pixel is the official greeter at the Nature Exposure booth.

~Events Calendar ~ Photography Art Exhibits ~ Shows ~ Festivals~

The following are upcoming calendar dates and locations where we will be exhibiting.
Please stop by and say Hello, perhaps pet Pixel, view our new work and enjoy the show! ~ Tim

Dates                   Show Name         Location              More Info.


August  3, 4, 5, 2018

Middle Creek Wildlife Art Show

PGC Visitor's Center,    Kleinfeltersville, PA.



January  7-14, 2017

Pennsylvania Farm Show

PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center, Harrisburg, PA - Family Living


Coming Soon

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 Seminar Schedule ~ 

 Dates                                  Seminar Name                                    Location                                                Other Info.

 February 25, 2017

Ruffed Grouse, 12:00, Room C

Wildlife Photography, 2:30 Rm D 

Jaffa 2017 Sports Show,

Altoona, PA


 July 18, 2017

 "Grouse Natural History" and        "Intro to Nature Photography"

 Ligonier, PA

 Pennsylvania Institute for  Conservation Education


~ Guided Photography / Nature Workshops Schedule~

 Dates                                                        Subjects                                                  Location                             Other Info.

To be announced.

To be announced.

To be announced.

To be announced.


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