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 Storm on the Horizon - photo by Tim Flanigan

Abstracts - Collages

 Black Bear Boar Portrait photo by Timothy Flanigan


 Colvin Covered Bridge -  photo by Timothy Flanigan

  Antelope / Big Horn Sheep         / Mountain Goat

 Brittany Pixel's Eye photo by Debbie Flanigan

Barns / Buildings


Winter Bugling Elk -  photo by Timothy Flanigan   Bear - Black and                  Grizzly

 Los Amigos -  photo by Debbie Flanigan

Bobwhite Quail - Chukar

 Rising Rainbow Trout photo by Timothy Flanigan


 Pond Lily and Bud photo by Timothy Flanigan

Covered Bridges

Calendar September Grouse - photo by Timothy Flanigan


Pretty Lady Bug -  photo by Debbie Flanigan


 Mountain Reflection Landscape photo by Timothy Flanigan


Hide Photo -  photo by Debbie Flanigan


 Moose Calf Testing the Water -  photo by Timothy Flanigan

Fish - Related

 Boots After the Hunt - photo by Debbie Flangian


Short-eared Owl at Dusk - photo Timothy Flanigan


 Copperhead Snake Tongue Flick photo by Timothy Flanigan


 Old Bait Sign photo by Timothy Flanigan


 Oriole Perched photo by Timothy Flanigan


AM Eagle Flight -  photo by Timothy Flanigan


 The 5789 Union Pacific Train photo by Debbie Flanigan


 Which Way Wild Turkeys photo by Timothy Flanigan


 Pheasant in Winter Habitat -  photo by Timothy Flanigan

People / Activities

 Red Knot Profile photo by Timothy Flanigan


Blue-winged Teal - photo Debbie Flanigan

Reptiles Plus

 Whitetail Deer Antler Shadow photo by Timothy Flanigan


 Woodcock in Snow photo by Timothy Flanigan

 Small Mammals A-G

Winning Quilt - photo by Timothy Flanigan

Small Mammals H-P

 Osprey Nest Guard - photo Timothy Flanigan

Small Mammals Q-Z

 Flying Bald Eagle - photo Timothy Flanigan


 Double Split shedder - photo Timothy Flanigan

            Sunrises / Sets                      

 Chuckar - photo Debbie Flanigan


 Hiding Velvet Buck - photo Timothy Flanigan


 Fawn - photo Timothy Flanigan

   Wading & Shorebirds

 Running Buck - photo Timothy Flanigan


 Winter's Cooper Hawk - photo Timothy Flanigan


 Chipmunk Cheeks - photo Timothy Flanigan at Nature Exposure

                    Does - Fawns 

 Porcupine - Photo Timothy Flanigan at Nature Exposure

        Deer in Velvet

 Squirrel 'N Peanut - photo Timothy Flanigan at Nature Exposure

   Deer Shedding Velvet

 Sullivan County, PA Waterfall - photo Timothy Flanigan at Nature Exposure

        Bucks in Winter 



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