""Grouse & Woodcock - The Birds Of My Life"
a book by Timothy C. Flanigan
 Tim Flanigan, Grouse Whisperer, listens carefully
Ruffed Grouse Thunder King - photo by Timothy FlaniganWoodcock pulling worm- photo by Timothy Flanigan
High Step American Woodcock - photo by Timothy Flanigan Grouse Profile - photo by Timothy Flanigan
      Finally, the book is written!

 Grouse & Woodcock - The Birds Of My Life by Timothy C. Flanigan

According to Tim, "The Pennsylvania State Bird, Ruffed Grouse, and the American Woodcock have long held a fascination for me. I have pursued these wonderful examples of wildness for most of my life, either behind a fine bird dog or more often with a camera. Decades of research and personal observation inspires me to share my love for these birds through photography and natural history education. I am pleased to announce the publication of my first book."

"Grouse & Woodcock ~ The Birds Of My Life"

 Published by Wild River Press and available for purchase at this link:  www.WildRiverPress.com 

~ Sensational, award-winning photography ~ Entertaining and educational narrative ~ Emphasis on hunting, habitat and conservation ~ 11 x 8.5 landscape format ~ Casebound cloth hardcover with jacket ~

Book Awards & Honors

Winner of 3 Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Benjamin Franklin Book Awards in three categories ~ Winner of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers (POWA) First Place Book Award ~ and Recipient of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA)  Outstanding Achievement Book Award.

Flanigan's Book  Accepted to Pennsylvania State Library's Special Collections

 Timothy Flanigan presents book to Pennsylvania State Library

"We were honored to host wildlife photographer and author Timothy C. Flanigan as he presented the special Governor's edition of his book "Grouse and Woodcock, The Birds of My Life" to the Pennsylvania State Library." The State Library's collections reflect its basic mission to provide and preserve the stories of Pennsylvania. Pictured with Flanigan, Sarah Greene, Director of the State Library, accepted the special edition at the library's temporary location at the Keystone Building in Harrisburg, PA on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. 

The State Library of Pennsylvania is one of the largest research libraries in the Commonwealth. Its collection of materials started on December 5, 1875. The State Library's collections reflect its basic mission to provide and preserve the stories of Pennsylvania. The collection is particulary strong in the fields of public administration, economics, political science, statistics, education, public services, as well as North American, United States, and Pennsylvania History. Flanigan stated he was highly honored by the placement of his book among the State Library's Special Collections due to its emphasis on the bird's history and significance as Pennsylvania's State Bird. And while proud of the work, he is humbled by the recognition it has earned him. "The book is intended to be a  tribute to the King of game birds, the ruffed grouse and the Prince of game birds, the woodcock, as well as being a salute to the sportsmen who fund their habitat," Flanigan said. 

A few of many book reviews: 

~ "Timothy C. Flanigan has combined his personal endeavors of upland photography, words, and conservation into his well-crafted new release Grouse and Woodcock: The Birds of My Life, published by Wild River Press. Wild River Press, also published the acclaimed book Passion for Grouse in 2013, in which Mr. Flanigan was also a photographic contributor. Long time readers of this magazine have viewed Flanigan's images on the publication's cover and pages for years and now have the opportunity to enjoy the best of his best in this new book. At first glance, one may view this work as a photographic, coffee table style of the book. I confess at first, I was just turning page after page, gawking at the next image, amazed by the intense crispness captured by Flanigan's lens. But as I read, I discovered a text that will satisfy the reader's appetite for understanding grouse and woodcock biology and behavior. This book has both the sizzle and the steak. Writing in an experienced, informative, and sometimes nostalgic voice, personally rooted in the grouse and woodcock covers of Pennsylvania and the Southern Appalachians. Simply stated, this is a delightfully important work that will become a missal for devotees of these birds." -  Review excerpts from Glen R. Blackwood,  Regional Director of Development, RGS Covers Magazine

~ "New Book A Must!  The last book I recall that delivered prose and photography of this quality came out nearly a generation ago: Grouse of the North Shore by Gordon Gullion with photography by Tim Martinson (1984). Now you get more of each plus a wider range of topics covered in Timothy C. Flanigan's Grouse & Woodcock: The Birds of My Life. Flanigan is passionate, devout, humbled, talented, and skilled. He's both a serious professional and a real gentleman. All of these qualities come through in this book, one I think you will marvel at, enjoy and treasure." - Tom Carney,  Editor The Upland Almanac

~ "Being a fan of your photography for some time now, I was not surprised by the quality of photos in Grouse & Woodcock: The Birds of My Life, and especially appreciated the shots of woodcock, which too often are overlooked by other wildlife photographers. But I was incredibly impressed with your writing, both from an educational standpoint, but also the stories of people and hunts that were included. They added a personal aspect to what, otherwise, might have been just another text on grouse and woodcock. Although, I will say that your individual chapters, especially the Eight Tips for Grouse Hunting Success, are well beyond virtually all the books on grouse and woodcock in my library. And I should add that I have them all: Burt Spiller, all of George Bird Evans, Gene Hill, George King, Corey Ford, Frank Woolner, both Tapplys, Tom Huggler, Michael MacIntosh, John Madson, Charles Norris, Steve Smith, Steve Mulak, Tom Davis, Tom Hennessey, Frank Jezioro, Sydney Lea, Nick Sisley, Robert Jones, Ted Lundrigan and others. I am listing all these great contributors to our passion for grouse and woodcock hunting and our dogs to tell you that your Grouse & Woodcock is my absolute favorite of all. In fact, when I finished the book, my wife suggested it would be a great coffee-table book. I told her this is the best resource work I have ever read on this subject, and it is not leaving my nightstand, always to be readily accessible to re-read as questions about certain aspects come up down the road. Thank you. This work will forever be a treasure to those of later generations who, we hope, take up the passion and the never-ending cause of grouse, woodcock, forest ecology, and the demand for wildlife habitat management. Most importantly, thank you for what you created in Grouse & Woodcock." -  David Haley, New Hampshire

~ "It's one of the best books that I have seen. The book has a special place on my coffee table. In my publishers column I suggested it to our readers as a great book. We used it in the April May 2020 issue." - Dennis Guldan, Publisher, Bird Dog & Retriever News

~ "Fascinating book written by a gifted wordsmith and simply incredible and dedicated photographer. Tim is THE most knowledgeable naturalist and outdoorsman I've had the pleasure to know and, better yet, call my friend for over three decades. I can personally assure the validity of some of the stories in the book. Tim is an amazing talent and a wonderful human being. I could never begin to repay him for the knowledge he passed along to me EVERY time we stepped into the natural world. Congratulations my friend!" - Scot Hartnett, Pennsylvania

~ "Well deserved Tim! I saw a comment the other day that I really liked. Something along the lines of: You could pick up this book with no prior knowledge or desire for the ruffed grouse and be totally captivated. Now that's a review!" -  Colin Johnson

~ "I recently read your fantastic book Grouse & Woodcock: The Birds of My Life. I want you to know how much I enjoyed it. I know I will read it again, once was not enough. I have a large collection of bird hunting and wing-shooting books, over 500. Your book is definitely in the top three. You are in the league of William H. Foster and Burton Spiller. I've been grouse and woodcock hunting since I was 15. I'm 78 and looking forward to this fall bird hunting with my GSP Mooney. Reading your book was almost as good as bird hunting. Thanks for sharing your hunting stories and knowledge with everyone. I thank you for our telephone conversation about bird hunting, especially grouse hunting! After reading your book, our conversation was like frosting on a cake. Many people try to get to the top, but you have done it with words, gun, and camera. You are in a Master Class, and I salute you for your lifelong love of nature and expertise. Wishing you all the best." -  Brad Varney, Maine

~ "I just finished reading your book this afternoon. Absolutely outstanding!!! I feel privileged to know you and call you a friend. I only wish I could have read it 50 years ago; maybe I wouldn't have missed so many grouse." -  Barry Muth

~ "I have just started your book, and I can tell you it should be a required textbook for all professionals involved in ruffed grouse management.  Already I can tell you have done an outstanding job with your book. You can be very proud. " -  Dale, Ohio

    A few comments from book judges:

~ "The reader doesn't have to have ever heard of a Grouse or Woodcock to lose themselves in the writing and excellent photographs in this book. The writer is extremely knowledgeable of his subjects, but he has a way of including interesting facts and humorous incidents, which encourage the reader to keep turning the pages."

~  "Writing is clear and insightful, and the depth of knowledge and passion the author has for these birds, and willingness and excitement to share that with the reader, really shines through and makes for an enjoyable read." 

 ~  "This is a valuable, informative hunters' guide and manual for those   seeking to bag the game or its image."

 ~  "Not only hunters, but nature photographers and bird lovers will   appreciate the knowledge of the habitats presented of these two birds. To   capture these elusive birds on film was another feat. Reproduction of the   photos was excellent."

 ~ "The star of this book is definitely the photos of Ruffed Grouse and   Woodcock. I have never previously seen better quality photos taken   especially of the Woodcock."

~ "Abslutely stunning photography throughout."

~ "Fascinating narrative and visual experience about the Grouse and   Woodcock."

~ "Interesting,   unique and knowledgeable, outstanding book about the grouse and   woodcock." 

 ~ "Two exceptionally good sections: 1) Tips for Successful Wildlife   Photography and 2) Fascinating Facts about the Ruffed Grouse."

 Grouse & Woodcock - The Birds Of My Life by Timothy C. Flanigan

"Grouse & Woodcock - The Birds Of My Life"

By Timothy C. Flanigan

available through


 Grouse Tail Feather

I encourage you to join me in supporting the Ruffed Grouse Society / American Woodcock Society, an organization dedicated to the support of national scientific conservation and management efforts to ensure the future of the Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock species. Conservation and creating healthy forest habitat for ruffed grouse, American woodcock and other wildlife is the primary mission of the RGS. Hunters were the first conservationists and the RGS and its members continue that great tradition. More information  and membership is available here: www.RuffedGrouseSociety.org

"No other wildlife conservation organization is dedicated to protecting, restoring and creating early successional forests  that provide habitat for ruffed grouse, woodcock and songbirds." ~ The Ruffed Grouse Society    


Ruffed Grouse & Woodcock - The Birds of My Life donated to the Ruffed Grouse Society


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